Xbox Live on Switch?

Okay, I have to admit, the first time I saw someone comment on it, I figured it was just a rumor. Finally got around to looking up what had been mentioned online and looks to be real. Granted, not just Switch, but also iOS and Android. With how much Microsoft has been trying to push … Continue reading Xbox Live on Switch?


Ultimate Smash is Here

It isn't often that I get games when they release anymore; but had to make an exception for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I've been a Smash Bros fans since the first one released on the Nintendo 64 and have played every release since. Something about getting to have my favorite Nintendo characters duke it out. … Continue reading Ultimate Smash is Here

Nintendo Power Returns

Nintendo Power returns after after the last issue was published in 2012. Except this time, as a podcast, and hosted by Chris Slate (previous editor-and-cheif of the Nintendo Power magazine). Decided to give this a shot being a fan of the magazine and Nintendo. I honestly enjoyed it. I do hope they add a … Continue reading Nintendo Power Returns